Motorized Roller Blind AC

Motorized Roller Blind AC

Offer simplicity, beauty and a new level of sophistication.


  1. Providing the elegant and convenient control of daylight.
  2. These blinds are very handy and can be fixed in almost any room in home and offices.
  3. Providing smooth and quiet operation.
  4. Electronic programming limits via the remote control.
  5. Block out UV rays, yet allow light to gently filter through.
  6. Able to be integrated with home automation system.
  7. Built-in dry contact closure interface for direct connection to Automation or Smart Home System.
  8. One touch for controlling the individual or groups of blinds.
  9. Designed with reliability and safety – 24V DC transformer.

Motorized roller blinds are the blinds of which the fabric is particularly strengthened so that they roll up or down onto a tube as required. Motorized roller blinds are durable, long-lasting and practical as the good fit for many windows treatments.

Working VoltageAC D40AC D50
Working Voltage230V/50Hz120V/60Hz230V/50Hz120V/60Hz
Rated Torque(Nm)661010
Rated Speed(rpm)28331219
Rated Power(W)127105117135
Rated Current(A)0.550.880.451.08
Overheat Protection(min)4444