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Casa Smart Vision

We provider best tech products – Smart Blinds //Curtain//Drape motors, Dimmers, Switches, Decor Lighting, Sensors, Thermostats, Voice Assistants, Gate Motors and much more for your smart home & office

Managed Centrally

Wirelessly Connects


Smart Applications


Home Automation

Home automation technology can convert simple home into a smart one. A smart home can understand, think and take actions according to the habits of a homeowner.


Light & Dimming Control

Your lights will turn on or dim as per your usage when you set scenes.


Climate Control

Set the perfect temperature for all your spaces


Curtain Controls

Draw the curtains with a tap on your phone or a voice command to alexa or google


Humfree Fan

Feel calm and cooled with Casa Smart soundless cooling controls - humfree switches


Remote Access

Make it seem like you are home even when you aren't and control your home from anywhere


Energy Saving

With optimum energy consumption, Casa Smart switches will reduce your electricity bills


Quality & Efficience

Our Services

As you know, lighting control system is a smart network-based lighting control solution that ensures communication between different system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices.

Everybody loves comfortable life, and thermal comfort is one of its basic aspects. Having control over the elements cannot be underestimated, and being satisfied with your thermal environment is very important for those who value their wellbeing.

To make your home eco-friendly, use green energy. It is sometimes called renewable energy due to its origin: natural sources like wind, sunlight and water. Thankfully, day by day, eco-energy becomes more popular and cost-effective around the world.

Want to protect your home? Security hardware includes alarm systems, doors, security camera systems, locks and motion detectors. There are individual devices available that let you monitor your home from anywhere by using your phone.


Enjoy the incredible convenience of home automation.Smart home automation devices connect appliances, switches, and gadgets to a central hub, enabling you to control those devices in secure and convenient way.


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