Commercial lighting control

Automatic Lighiting control:

  • Time dependent,automatic switching off of light sources during work breaks or on weekends
  •  Daylight dependent adaption of the lighting for optimum working conditions through light control. With   intelligent heating/cooling controls,energy costs can be reduced by up to 30%.
  •  Automatiic lighting of corridors, staircase by using motion sensors.

Individual heating/cooling control.

  •  Presence dependent room heating/cooling.
  •  Immediate closure of heating/cooling valve when window is opened.
  •  cooling is supplied automatically at the exact time required  and individually via controllable room temperature control units.

Intelligent Blind Control.

  •  Automatic control of the sun awnings via light sensors in accordance with the current sunlight intensity.
  •  Automatic blind retraction via wind sensors during strong wind.
  •  Automatic adjustment of the blind slats in accordance with the current sunlight intensity.

Flexible building management:

  •  Flexible adaption of the building functions when rooms are used for different purposes eg after reorganization or a move.
  •  Worldwide access to the entire building technology system via PDA, PC or Touch screen.
  •  Monitoring of windows and doors or underground car parks by sensors that signal irregularities.
  •  Display of loads, performance curves and temperatures, immediate notification in the case of critical temperature overshoots and automatic shutdown of devices at risk.
  •  Display of fault signals and automatic forwarding of these signals to the responsible electrician or the building manager.
  •  Costly peak load avoided since loads can be switched on and off in a systematic fashion.